Aesthetic Procedures-Unveiling The Younger You

It's hard to ignore the way a person looks. A beautiful face not only attracts people but also reflects our confidence and improves our self- esteem. Environmental influence, pollution, food habits, ultraviolet rays and ageing have a detrimental effect on the skin and appearance. With ageing, the skin thins out and there is loss of volume in the face. Imagine a deflated balloon. The wrinkles, fat bags and sagging is a result of this volume loss. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look younger and better.

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Why choose an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists (eye doctors) with additional advanced training in facial plastic surgery. The micro precision eye surgery training (use of small incisions, finer sutures and microscope) is an added advantage in performing plastic surgeries around the eyes and face. They can understand the dynamics between eyelids and eyeball better and they can perform surgeries through hidden incisions inside the eyelid avoiding skin incisions.

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Why Choose Dr. Priti Udhay?

A highly skilled Orbital and Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Priti Udhay has a distinguished background and renowned surgical expertise.

She is a premier eyelid and cosmetic surgeon with over 15 years of experience concentrated only around the eyes and face. When it is for your face, you'd rather rely on someone who does 'only' facial aesthetics! Dr. Priti Udhay has achieved top academic credentials right from graduating in medicine and surgery(MBBS) from Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai (one of the top medical colleges in India) ; completing basic ophthalmic surgical training (MS Ophthalmalogy) from Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai (a tertiary referral centre for complicated cases), to receiving the Diplomate of National Board (DNB) in Ophthalmology, New Delhi; the prestigious fellowship of the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) as well as the coveted Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), Glasgow, United Kingdom. She then received advanced surgical training in Eye Plastic Surgery upon being selected for a highly competitive fellowship at the Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, one of the best training centres in India.

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Dr. Priti Udhay
Dr. Priti Udhay MS, DNB, FRCS (Glasgow)

Procedures and Surgeries


This is a surgical procedure used to treat tired appearing , hooded or baggy eyelids .It involves removal of excess tissue – skin, muscle and sometimes fat, from the upper...

Brow lift

This is a surgical procedure to raise the level of the drooping eyebrows and forehead. The Brow Lift can be performed through different type of incisions either near the eyebrow ...

Face Rejuvenation

Face Rejuvenation is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment chosen by millions of men and women around the ...

Dermal fillers

A filler is an injection used to restore the facial volume and youthful appearance . Commonest used is hyaluronic acid filler. This is a natural component of the joints in the ...

Eyelid ptosis /drooping

Ptosis is drooping of upper eyelid, making the involved eye appear smaller. Ptosis can be associated with hooded eyelid in which case the ptosis surgery can be combined...


Xanthelasma are yellow patches seen on the inner two-thirds of the upper and lower eyelids. One-third of these individuals have high serum cholesterol. In some patients ...

Thyroid eye disease

Thyroid Eye Disease or TED is a condition wherein the eyes are affected due to abnormal thyroid hormone level in the body. Very rarely this condition...

Facial Palsy

This is paralysis of part of the face caused by non-functioning of the nerve that controls the muscles of the face, especially the muscles around the eye and to the mouth ...

Artificial Eyes

One eye may be absent since birth or lost due to injury. Various treatment procedures like use of ball implants, use of lining from inside the mouth...


Trauma is one area where expertise of a specialist is many a times required. Fractures of the bony walls of the orbit can be repaired by minimally invasive surgery with ...


My son was treated for Orbital Reconstruction with Zygoma ORIF and DCR. By Gods Grace and expert hands of Dr Priti my Son is able to Overcome his problems. Asthetically he is looking much better now. We highly recommend Dr Priti Udayfor any Ocuplasty need. “Thank you so very much Dr Priti for taking care of my Son and being so skilled at what you do. Every day of my life and my Son's life will be better because of you. 🙏


My Son met with a Road Accident in 2020 with facial fractures. He was facing problem after the first surgery. We were recommended Dr Priti Uday for the Corrective Surgery. It was a very Difficult decision during Covid to Travel Interstate But we were explained the Procedure by Dr Priti on Video Call so well that it became very easy for us to travel from Uttarakhand to Tamilnadu. The Navigation technology thru which surgery was supposed to be done was an added advantage for us to be firm in our decision.


Iam in the public life and requires care the way I look. Whichever function or event I attend, people ask me how I look so young at this age of 74! Well, that is the magical touch of Dr. Preethi Uday. She has moulded my face with not just fillings but took extraordinary care and performed the procedure professionally. Hearty thanks to her.


I had a baggy eyes and underwent a lower eyelid blepharoplasty elsewhere which ended up very bad and also under went a revision surgery which did not set things right. So one of my family friend refered me to Dr. PRITI UDHAY of DRR Eye Hospital. From the day i consulted her till date she has been guiding me with great expertise and patience. Answered all my questions and told me ways to approach the underlying problem. She did not hurry me up for another surgery but treated with non invasive methods.. and finaly when it was required she did a scar revision surgery and medial canthopexy(which most doctors hesitate to do) beautifully and restored my eyes back to normalcy.
I strongly recommend DRR eye care and Dr. PRITI UDAY for all your complex and Aesthatic problems related to the eyes and under eyes and cheeks. I just hope i had met her before my 1st surgery

Prabhu (Kollywood actor)

This is sebuloan. I am 21 years old. I have ptosis since from my birth. During my schooling I used to think why my right eye like this, which is completely different from others. I thought like I have a small disorder we can't do anything. At that time also I can't able to lift my right eyelid and look at the things. After that I joined at an engineering college. Due to increased usage of smartphone and laptop, step by step I felt the severe condition of ptosis. My right eye vision was getting reduced. I got severe headache which leads to quite unconscious state for sometime. Automatically tears was overflowing from my eyes and eyelid closes. It makes me to feel sleepy frequently. I can't able to be attentive in my classes also. Manually more times in a day I have to lift my right eyelid to see the things. In sunlight completely I can't able to see. Automatically Right eye closes fully , likewise I was suffering a lot. Due to ptosis I used to get fear to speak with the people especially girls. Eye to eye contact will be missing from side. When I speak with someone they look at my eyes but I can't able to look back to their eyes because my right eye closes automatically and it looks unfair. To communicate with them I have to look at any other side not face to face. Likewise I started to suffer a lot from this. During the starting month of 2019 at one night I cried for this and searched the solution for my condition. In YouTube I searched like treatment for automatically closing eyelid. Then only I came to know about this is ptosis. It comes during the birthtime, also at the time of ageing people. I got the thing from searching is, its a common problem and it can be recovered by doing a minor surgery. I said about this to my dad and he took me to another hospital. The response and words from the doctor at that hospital was not satisfaction because they said like 80% it can be cured from surgery, 20% chances are there after surgery also it may not be cured. We didn't got hope. Then my friend suggested DRR eye hospital who lives in poonamale. We visited on 8th may 2019. There only met Dr.Priti Udhay mam. She gave me full hope that my right eyelid can be treated and it can look like my left eye. The next day itself my surgery was appointed. Her care in the way of treating is really awesome. Hospital management was also full responsive because they done it within two days comparing the response of other hospitals. I didn't felt so much pain while treating me. Everything gone well. They checked my eyes condition frequently. After a month I started to go college and my problem was solved. After surgery I am able to freely look the things also able to lift my eyelid well and look the above things. I started to speak with many friends freely with eye to eye contact. All the problems due to ptosis got solved. I felt so happy that my both eyes look similar. There are no words to explain how great Dr.Priti Udhay mam is, simply I can say her as living God to me. She proved her words 100%. Thanks a lot Dr.Priti Udhay mam and DRR eye care hospital management. This is an unforgettable thing in my life.


You never heard of me, but you are really special person to me. You did eye operation to my best friend, and I strongly say she has the wonderful eyes in the world. Thank you so much for giving a recreation to her eyes. She is so blessed to have to doctor like you ma'am. Hope this quarantine goes well to you and your husband. My regards to him ma'am.